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Upcoming Forging Classes


My classes will take you to the realm of ornamental metal forging. The curriculum focuses on developing basic skills that you can use creating items that an artist blacksmith would create. These techniques overlap with traditional forging methods and are essential to become a well rounded craftsman. 

The Art of Ornamental Metal Forging: Basics#1

Dates: September 5-6th

            October  3-4

           October 31-November 1

Location: Historic Tombstone Mining District, Tombstone AZ.

Basics #1 is a 2 day (20 hours) class that is focusing on the fundamentals. It is aimed at beginners.

Students will learn and practice the 4 basic forging techniques: drawing, upsetting, spreading and bending and will apply them to create 3 basic items: nails, "S" hooks and a roasting fork.

Class size limited to 6 students.

Price: $450.00

The fee includes:

- 20 hours of hand on forging experience in a small class setting

- all materials and supplies used during class will be provided

- students keep all items they make during the class

- a certificate of completion will be presented at the end of the class


Class requirements:

- age: participants must be 18 years of age or older, or between the age of 14 and 18 if accompanied by an adult family member (21 and older). Proof of age is required.

- If you have a disability, please let us know at the time of application, so we can determine if that disability would prevent you from participating

- all students must sign a personal injury reliability waiver

- all students are responsible for their personal protection equipment and appropriate clothing

More details and a welcome packet will be provided upon signing up.


To sign up please call Tim at  520 412 1705

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